Depth Hypnosis, as taught at the Sacred Stream, is a creative approach that could really help many people with their deeply rooted challenges of self-harshness and lack of adequate self-kindness. –Thupten Jinpa, Ph.D.

Depth Hypnosis Foundation Course

The Depth Hypnosis Foundation Course teaches the fundamental principles of Depth Hypnosis, and is also one of the most comprehensive hypnotherapy education programs available. It provides many tools for working with clients and prepares its graduates far beyond the suggestion hypnosis training of most hypnotherapy courses. Some participants in this may already be hypnotherapists. Those that are not already certified are eligible for Certification in the Spiritual Counseling Practice of Depth Hypnosis at the end of this course. For those having studied hypnotherapy in other programs most of the material will be new to them.

The Depth Hypnosis Foundation Course is offered twice a year at the Sacred Stream Center in Berkeley, CA.

Certification Programs in Depth Hypnosis

The Association of Depth Hypnosis Practitioners is the certifying body for the two certification programs in Depth Hypnosis:

  • Hypnotherapy Certification
    Students who complete the requirements for Hypnotherapy Certification in the Spiritual Counseling Practice of Depth Hypnosis through the Association of Depth Hypnosis Practitioners are ready to begin and sustain a successful spiritual counseling and hypnotherapy practice.
  • Depth Hypnosis Practitioner Certification
    The Depth Hypnosis Practitioner Certification Program builds upon the Hypnotherapy Certification to provide a more comprehensive education in the Depth Hypnosis model of spiritual counseling. Practitioners in this meditative counseling model are able to move seamlessly between the therapeutic engines of Buddhism, Shamanism, hypnotherapy and energy medicine to deliver innovative, effective, and transformational spiritual counseling. Upon completion of the Depth Hypnosis Practitioner Certification Program, and passing a review, students will be certified as Depth Hypnosis Practitioners.

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