Depth Hypnosis Rocks!! -Amber B.

Jennifer J.

“Depth Hypnosis is a amazing process to go deeper into the self than you ever have before with compassion, gentleness and grace. It is an opportunity to engage on a clear and guided path of service to others as well as service to the self.”

Eliza M.

“Depth Hypnosis is a wonderful process, intricately and masterfully woven in order to allow the practitioner and client to both benefit.”

Matt S.

“I enthusiastically endorse Depth Hypnosis which has steadily changed the trajectory of my life.”

Colleen O.

“The Depth Hypnosis Foundations course covers a great deal of material that eventually fits together and ultimately makes sense. At the start of class I imagined I could never manage the complexity of it all, but with time allowed for practice – which served to help build confidence – and with the context established by my reading of assigned texts, a coherent picture emerged. I know now that this work has helped me to grow, personally, and that it will continue helping me to grow in the years ahead. I am also confident that the skills I am now developing will bring me closer to helping others become stronger and healthier people.”

Ayanna J.

“My experience of the Depth Hypnosis Foundation Course was absolutely Phenomenal. It has elevated my curiosity to new levels I want to expand on and has encouraged my willingness to become more involved in serving people on this planet, which has also helped me to have to look at certain areas in my life that could use more discipline and focus, to better serve others. I would highly recommend this to others.”

Ryan T.

“I have been in therapy for most of my life. I always worked hard on my issues, but I don’t feel I have ever gotten to the depths I have gotten to with Depth Hypnosis.”

Jillian W.

“Yes, the work does speak to me (and the people I am working with)! It feels fairly infinite, actually, meaning that there is the sense of starting a journey as a counselor/healer that will continue to grow and deepen for many, many years, a journey that is an invitation and impetus for my continued growth and evolution as well.”

Nicole H.

“I am learning so much about myself from Depth Hypnosis. I had no idea that my migraines had so much to tell me. For the first time, I feel like there is meaning to my experiences.”

Andrea S.

“The Depth Hypnosis course was incredible! It was more moving, educational, and life changing than any other workshop I have ever participated in.”

Peter B.

“I’m very grateful for having had the opportunity to take this class, to be given the tools as well as a solid foundation for creating a safe space for people to unfold and discover their true nature. It’s a beautiful process.”