Depth Hypnosis provides tools to help each person understand what he or she needs to heal.

What to expect from a session

A Depth Hypnosis Counseling Session is unique in that it encourages radical self-responsibility and it engages the client in a process of self-empowerment through self-knowledge.

Whatever your symptoms, Depth Hypnosis as a model seeks to meet you where you are. Every person is unique, and so the process of Depth Hypnosis for each person must also be unique. Depth Hypnosis sessions may not adhere exactly to the following protocol, but in general, sessions proceed as follows: In the first session, the client is asked a series of questions about his or her emotional biography and a series of questions about the presenting issue. This provides a map to guide the work to be done to help resolve the symptoms or issues the client is experiencing. In the second session, the client and Practitioner begin working with the altered state. The first work that is done in an altered state is designed to help the client contact inner wisdom. This will help ground the further work. Depth Hypnosis adapts the shamanic methods of healing such as power retrieval and soul retrieval into hypnotherapeutic regression. So, in the third session, the client and Practitioner generally begin this level of work. The client and Practitioner work with regression to go back to the situations, perhaps long forgotten, where the conditions that are contributing to the present-day symptoms are contacted. The client is helped to change his or her relationship to those conditions, and so the present day symptoms shift. The overall effect of this process is not re-traumatizing. Further sessions include integrating understandings which emerge out of the regression work through an innovative process called insight inquiry.

Many people find relief in their symptoms within the first three to five sessions. Because Depth Hypnosis is a process which continually opens doors to the deeper processes of the self, many people continue the work as an anchor for spiritual inquiry.